CRM Setup


If you know you need to get a CRM up and running ASAP and don’t have the time to manage the process, our basic setup package covers everything you need from start to finish.


Zoho One Setup

We help you navigate through the time and complexity involved with setting up Zoho One, one of the leading software platforms for small businesses. If you need to get your business off paper, out of email and excel and don’t have the time to figure it out on your own, we can take things from here.

Basic Setup Includes:

  • Setup of core Zoho One applications that help transition your business to a single, connected platform to manage your prospects, customers, sales process, communication and finances.
  • Uploading your existing data into the Zoho One application.
  • Set up Google email and calendar integration or setup of Zoho Mail and Calendar applications.
  • Configuration of tasks and communication workflows to keep your entire organization on the same page and running efficiently.
  • Set up of integrated Sales and Marketing apps so that you can create campaigns via email, text message or social channels.
  • Zoho Books setup to manage invoices, purchase order and business expense tracking.
  • Smart phone camera business card scanning app to create leads for new contacts.
  • Manage social (Facebook, Twitter) interactions and campaigns without swiveling to other tools.
  • Integrated customer surveys that will provide valuable insight into your strengths and opportunities.
  • Dashboards and reports that will provide a bird’s eye view of your business.
  • Training for you and your employees.

Setup Costs:

  • Basic Setup – $2500 upfront or $1500 upfront and $299 a month for 6 months.
  • Configuration of additional Zoho One applications outside of what is included in the Basic Setup package will involve additional costs.
  • Additional or complex customization will also involve additional costs.
  • Zoho One license fees are not included in the Basic Setup Package and must be paid for directly by you.

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